Electrical work company Newin OÜ is founded in 2007 and is based on Estonian capital. Withe the centre in Tartu, Newin also has departments in Valga and Jõhvi.

The company has introduced an integrated management system – we have the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates.


Our financial situation is characterized by high credit ranking and related awards of a successful company.

Guiding principles on quality and the environment

– We comply with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 in our management, planning and day-to-day operations.

– We record customer feedback; we keep records of complaints, non-conformities, warranty work; we take corrective action on the basis of our analysis and monitor its implementation and impact.

– We consistently comply with the legal requirements governing the company’s activities.

– We consistently improve the efficiency and environmental performance of the company’s management system.

– We protect the environment, including taking into account the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment, and work consistently to prevent pollution of the environment.

– Ensure appropriate training for staff.

– Materials and subcontracting are procured from pre-qualified companies.

– Provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment.

– We work in a resource-efficient manner.